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Ever have those days when can’t stop smiling and are convinced every person driving past you must think you’re crazy? Yeah, that was definitely me this afternoon.

Things are going so very well – sometimes it’s hard to believe myself that it was just a month ago that I got home from the hospital when in so many ways it already seems like that “chapter” has closed. Despite my remarkably fond (thanks drugs!) memories of that time (*cough* Boob Voyage) I am so grateful to be moving forward.

I had another follow up with my plastic surgeon this afternoon, but first had the chance to catch up with an incredible woman who’s journey collided with mine a few months ago, and I’m so grateful that it did. Long story short, we met once and she’s been keeping up with me through the blog and we’ve exchanged many an email. I am forever grateful to Amy and Eryn for being “that girl”- the one who’s actually been there – to me and it is such an honor and blessing to pay it forward to someone else. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about how everything fell into place with our meeting and getting to this point – truly amazing, and just makes me smile. I gave her a few things that I consider surgery “must-haves,” we chatted, hugged, and it was just wonderful.

And then the smiling continued with GREAT news and progress with my plastic surgeon. Part of the greatness being that I get to brag on him by name and he no longer will be just “the awesome plastic surgeon.” Though Dr. Teotia is just that. I mean seriously, how many doctor appointments start with huge smiles and a hug? But don’t just take my word for it – take a few minutes to watch the video on the link above about his approach to breast reconstruction and you’ll see what I mean. Oh and did you see the part about going on humanitarian mission trips and doing surgery for kids who have no other resources? Yeah he does that too.

From a medical standpoint, everything looks simply fantastic. So fantastic there was a hesitation about changing anything. But that was short-lived and we decided on moving forward with one more expander fill – 50 cc on each side, bringing the total to 600 cc each which means we’re done filling. DONE!!!! In my effort to be a better “document-er,” I had the fabulous research coordinator (shout out to Jessica!) for the study I was in taking pictures and video. Dr. Teotia soon took over the filming himself, but before he did she caught this picture mid-fill. It so captures everything that makes him such a fantastic, compassionate doctor– the only thing that would make it better would be if the internet wasn’t the internet, and I could post the whole thing that has my facial expression in it too. Darn boobs messing up the picture!  But again. Just makes you smile. Who said this can’t be fun?!


The left expander weirdness is still there (you can tell it’s rotated based off of where the fill port is), but it’s bothering me far less as the expanders have settled, and he reassured me again that it will all be fixed with my next surgery. And actually this fill has made it so there’s less rippling and seemingly less pulling (on my sternum, that is). Definitely more tightness than I had with the first fill, as we’re doing some more notable stretching, but that was to be expected, so I’m taking it easy tonight. We talked about the exchange surgery again, specifically the implants, additional sutures to hold everything in place on that left side, and fat grafting. Hard to believe this was my last visit for the clinical trial I was in– seems like just yesterday I sat down with Jessica and she wrote out all the appointments. September seemed SO far away! So she took her final pictures, and then, since I’m DONE (did I mention that?!) I had professional pictures taken too. I almost have that “super girl” pose owned.

And, saving the best for last… before I left I got to truly look forward and schedule my exchange surgery!!!! My friends and I had joked about how I would likely get new boobs for Christmas… well it’s more like new boobs for Thanksgiving! That’s right, the countdown is on – November 22 is the day!! Woohoo!!! 77 days… I’d say “but who’s counting,” but let’s be honest you all know I am!! Can’t believe I’m already at this point and the end is truly in sight. Just amazing!!

So the waiting game has begun to let everything finish healing, and soon enough I’ll be seeing this guy in pre-op…


Needless to say, I’m still smiling!!