Merry Christmas to All

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Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you’ve been able to celebrate with your family in whatever way you choose. I’ve certainly been blessed with wonderful celebrations! So very grateful for my amazing family… Just hard to believe it’s been a whole year since we were doing this last!

So I know I’ve totally neglected the blog the past few weeks… Honestly it’s just been such a giant blur it really doesn’t feel like I’ve missed the past 3 weeks. So I’ll rewind… Last update was the day I had an LP and we raced the weather home. Well Mother Nature was most definitely NOT kidding around this time!! We were truly iced in from Thursday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, and the driving was still a bit dicey through Wednesday. Suffice to say, I can take a hint, and Icepocalypse 2013 was actually the best thing for me at that point – I was forced to take it easy and not push myself. I did a whole lot of resting and recovering and went back to work Monday 110% better than the previous Monday!

I saw my neuro-ophthalmologist the following Wednesday and he confirmed the explanation for everything that had been going on, and we came up with a plan moving forward – I’ll be following up more closely with him for a bit, but thankfully I feel a thousand times better and was able to enjoy the last few weeks of holiday festivities!

As for actual post op healing, doing great in that regard as well! Had a rogue dissolvable stitch on the left side as well, but everything has healed beautifully. The “fluff and drop” phenomenon is legitimate and it’s amazing how the size and shape of the implants changes week to week as they settle. It was premature due to the enticement of the Victoria’s Secret sale, but bra shopping has been a bit interesting – unlike natural breasts, these gummies do what they want! Meaning the bra has to fit them and not vice versa. So I admitted defeat and that will be an event for the new year. I’m really coming around to the thought of wearing sports bras of various strap styles most days and only wearing real bras with outfits that need the strap situation. It’s just more comfortable! But we’ll see what I can find in the next couple months.

But yes, doing great! Just need a little help with lifting until I hit the 6 week post op mark, but that’s really it. Range of motion is great and fat grafting bruising is all but gone. It’s hard to believe it’s only been a little over a month! With the craziness these weeks have been, it really seems like longer! But I’ll take it.

Well that’s the latest… Nothing too earth shattering or exciting to report, just the way I like it! More soon… Enjoy the holidays!!