Corner Turned!

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So perhaps (PERHAPS she emphasizes), in the interest of total honesty I MAY have slightly underestimated the recovery from this surgery. Those first couple days I sugar coated the “hit by a bus” feeling just a tad, but I really think I’ve turned the corner today. It’s still so funny to me that I think I’m so coherent after anesthesia/pain meds, and yet things are a giant blur now looking back. Thankfully, despite my blurry recollection, I tend to be pretty with it for the most part even if I don’t remember it later, but it is entertaining to go back and read what I’ve texted people :)

The bruising/soreness definitely did peak at 48-72 hours and now is turning a nice shade of green. The gummy bear implants are settling nicely, and the fat grafting looks fantastic. I’m certainly glad we went with the size that we did – they are smaller than the super-unnatural expanders, and have an amazingly normal appearance, just a little fuller than where we started. I know I’m judging prematurely as there’s still much more settling and “fluffing” to come, but so far I couldn’t be more pleased.

It’s still quite surreal to realize I’m done – these last 5 days have FLOWN by. I’ve done an impressive amount of sleeping. I forget how worn out you get in the first couple weeks after surgery, so needless to say I’m so glad to have had this time to just chill with my parents. I got out for the first time yesterday with Mom, and made it about an hour before needing a nap. We made a second trip out yesterday afternoon, and did some more shopping this morning. While I can feel my endurance improving, I’m still pretty tired. But overall, doing well!

My range of motion is really impressive, and from a chest standpoint I’m having to remind myself not to overdo it! Such an improvement compared to the first surgery!! Still some soreness on my thighs/flank but totally manageable. Until I try to roll over… Not quite ready for that yet! Even though I wouldn’t want to repeat those first couple days, I’m so relieved to be at this point just 5 days after. Such a huge relief!! Also so nice to think about recovering without another impending breast surgery. It’s like the opportunities are endless!! :)

Nothing life-shattering, again, but just wanted to get an update out there. Not a total breeze because of the fat grafting, but overall this surgery has been a zillion times easier than the mastectomy! And those rough few days are already a giant blur. And expanders already seem like such a long time ago already… Time is such a funny thing. Alright more on that later I’m sure… Now it’s time for another nap! Looking forward to a low-key yet wonderful Thanksgiving and a few more days of taking it easy!