Hunkered Down

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Well, I certainly picked an excellent time to have this surgery… Strategically planned with Thanksgiving, and unintentionally with the first big temperature drop of the season! Thankfully the freezing precipitation has been less than forecasted – it was sounding ominous there for awhile! Regardless, I’m happily “hunkered down” inside recovering.

Saturday I was sore but able to rally without prescription pain medicine during the day. But that 24-48 hour peak of swelling and soreness was no joke, so I took it easy all day yesterday. I have my throne next to the fireplace and am happily snuggled up here watching Gilmore Girls with Mom. I obeyed the 72 hour no arm raising rule, but happily rallied this morning to get a shower and out of the leg/waist compression leggings for a bit. Some impressive bruising as expected, but everything looks really good! Now just letting the soreness subside and the bruising improve. I’m pretty puffy all over so looking forward to that going down and my stomach getting back to normal post anesthesia. I’m definitely on the upswing now – amazing how much a shower and clean clothes helps!

So I’m planning on chillaxing for the next couple days and taking it easy – wouldn’t be fun to go outside right now anyhow! Then hopefully I’ll be ready for Thanksgiving and some low-key plans the rest of the week, before going back to work the following week, of course with lifting limitations in place. Even with the soreness being different and more widespread, this recovery is still a thousand times better than the first surgery! Such a relief I can’t even begin to describe! Short and sweet update but all is well! Stay warm and safe out there!