Six Weeks

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Nothing profound to say tonight, just want to acknowledge that it’s already been six whole weeks. In many ways I feel like I’m already “done” since I’m certainly past the worst of it. In even more ways it seems crazy that I’m gearing up for another (albeit MUCH smaller) surgery when I feel SO good! Truly miraculous it is. The end is on sight!!

Other than the occasional awkward bump or random nerve regeneration pain, there are days that if it wasn’t for making it a point to put stuff on my scars to lessen their appearance, I probably wouldn’t even think about my surgery. Really the most obvious is when I turn on my side to sleep and it takes a second to get comfortable due to the hard plastic of the expanders. And of course the lifting. But after my one slip last week I’ve been incredibly careful not to push it. Suffice to say, I couldn’t possibly be more grateful to be where I am.

While I get frustrated occasionally with the “foreign-ness” of the expanders, I’m really not in pain (except when freak-of-nature things like having your work computer fall on your foot happen… Which I guess is even more proof I’m almost entirely back to normal! Random crap happening is back). My range of motion is so close to being back to normal, my muscles just get tight. My level of activity is arguably back to 99.9% of pre-surgery. Work is back to crazy as usual and I’m able to embrace the crazy while still being there for my friends and family. Which is awesome. And the lingering bit of fatigue is pretty much all gone.

It’s pretty crazy to think that in just over 2 months I’ll be on the final road to recovery for this journey. And a journey it has been!