One Week Down!

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Whew! If I thought time was flying before the surgery, I don’t even know where to start to try to understand how it’s already been a week since the big day! It’s unbelievable.

I suppose the best way to answer “how are you doing?” is with “hanging in there!” In many ways this recovery has been better than I expected, but in the interest of not sugar-coating, some parts of it pretty much suck.

My range of motion is so much better than I expected – I read stories of women who couldn’t brush their own hair. I can do that and almost raise my arms above my head. Yes, it hurts, but it’s totally doable. The drains were my biggest concern as everyone I talked to said they were the worst part. I honestly don’t even realize they’re there… They stay in my swanky apron and they’re just “there.” Not much itching and a weird feeling when I strip them but not painful. The drainage is slowing down and clearing up – hopefully they’ll be out soon. But I’m really not bothered by them. The bruising and swelling is pretty much as I expected – not pretty but improving every day. Cosmetically the girls look way better than I expected – I never imagined I would wake up with them filled like this! And I’m so impressed with how small the incisions are. The Boob Dudes are incredible!

But yes, the expanders are indeed like rocks. They’re heavy and feel very foreign. The hardest part of this last week is without a doubt the muscle spasms. Really if I’m not moving around the pain has pretty much resolved. But when these spasms hit, it’s like having 2 Charlie horses on your chest and you can’t stretch them out, and you feel like you can’t breathe. The muscle relaxers help for awhile, but they a) wear off and b) knock me out. I’m tired of being in a haze from them and the pain medicine. If it wasn’t for the spasms I think I’d really be in great shape. So yeah. That’s definitely the most difficult part. It’s a catch 22 between wanting them to stop and being asleep for most of the day, or not taking meds that take the edge off and being awake. On a related note, the “pins and needles” of nerves being messed with is also bizarre and unpleasant. So much stretching is happening, and the tingling is mostly under my arms. It comes and goes but is just strange getting used to the numbness. I have to remember to be patient, that it’s only been a week since a fairly extensive surgery, and hope that things will improve soon. I have faith that they will, as I’ve already come so far, but patience has never been my strong suit when mentally I’m ready to get back into things but physically I’m not quite there yet. So yes, hanging in there indeed! I know in a few weeks I will look back and this will all be a blur!

I’m so grateful for visitors that provide such great distraction… And holy moly my friends can cook! I’m so impressed… And spoiled! I’m also so grateful for friends that have kept me company when I certainly was not much company! I’ve made a lot of progress weaning pain meds so hopefully those occurrences are fewer! I don’t understand how people can function on these meds every day. I guess I’m a lightweight! But yeah so over the side effects.

I see my plastic surgeon on Thursday to see where we go from here – I can’t even begin to reiterate how great it is to be over the worst of this and be solidly on the other side!