4 Down!

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Not much big to update on… Last few days have been a flurry of driving back and forth and trying to get stuff done!

Neuro-ophthalmologist yesterday gave a thumbs up – all is well, even “great!” When I first got sick we saw him 2-3 times a WEEK for almost a year and it wasn’t always pretty, so it’s a huge relief to get good reports from him. Hard to believe I’ve been seeing him for 8 years! Crazy.

Gyn-onc this morning also had great report! I have to give her and her entire staff such major props. That could be the most depressing place ever (ovarian cancer sucks. Period) but they are so happy, encouraging, and upbeat that I literally left smiling. So much “girl power” I love it! We’re keeping with our plan for surveillance and I’ll see her again in February. Hopefully then I’ll see her yearly until my 30s. Yay! But yeah. She’s just awesome. Again with trifecta of badass doctors!

So I have exactly 3 days left of work. Madness!! Even crazier is by Tuesday I think I will actually have everything ready that I wanted to! You know you have a freaking awesome job when you’re actually kind of sad you’re going to be missing it! I’m crazy. I know. But that’s the beauty of working with amazing people!

11 days to go… Neurosurgeon is the only one left of the 5 appointments before pre-op! Almost there. Trying to enjoy this time and surround myself with my favorite people… They’re keeping me happy and sane, that’s for sure! I’m so very grateful for my parents, the rest of my amazing family, and my incredible friends. Seriously couldn’t do this without them!!