Here We Goooooo!!!

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Well for the past five months I’ve talked about the lull and how late July things would pick up and whoa… Understatement of the century! The last week has been such a blur of random stuff happening while simultaneously frantically trying to get things done before July 31, which has all the sudden become my last day of work… What?? Craziness. That’s in ten days!!

I emailed my boss the other day my list of appointments before the surgery and used the subject “It’s been nice knowing you.” Rather appropriate. And then I got a call yesterday with all the details of my surgery and that just added more to it!

So here’s the game plan:
• Monday: boob dudes. Aka plastic surgeon and breast surgeon, with a CA-125 drawn in between for good measure
• Wednesday: neuro-ophthalmologist. See him every 6 months religiously ever since my jacked up vision leading to shunt ordeal happened. And need to make sure all is well on that front.
• Thursday: gyn-onc. Follow up and make a plan for surveillance of ovarian cancer
• Next Monday: head CT and neurosurgeon to make sure all is well with my shunt
Then I have the lovely conference distraction for a few days then… Boob Voyage party. Pre-op (marathon day of it at that). Then D-day. Like whoa!

So yeah… Quite the mess of appointments and tests and everything but I am SO ready to get this show on the road!! That’s the plan. Fun reports to follow!

Enjoy your weekend… I’m off to sushi with the great friend who first helped me decide to have this surgery way back in October. Perfect night ahead!!