“You Used to Blog…”

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Yeah got that one thrown at me today – ha! Seems like I just posted about Angelina Jolie and all the sudden it’s JUNE! How did that happen?! And how do we make it stop?!

Things have been great – super freaking busy so time is a flying! Been to Boston and Philly since I last blogged and had wonderful trips on both counts. Now home for almost a (glorious) month before spending the 4th of July with my family. It’s one of my absolute favorite holidays because oh. Do we know how to celebrate. And let’s face it, my inner pyromaniac has a chance to surface once a year! Plus I get to see my newly engaged brother!!! Soooo excited for him and my future sister-in-law! Even though it was totally expected it’s still weird but awesome saying that!

So needless to say, not a lot of time to ruminate over the boob situation. One of the quietest, yet most wonderful, people at worked stopped me in the hall today and said “your surgery is what… August? How are you doing with all that?” Means so much to know people are thinking about me. I think I caught him a little off guard with just how okay I am with everything… My surgication is just another date on the calendar! Well at least right now it is. Let’s talk in a month! I know the freakout moments are ahead! I had to move some appointments and it was a little weird saying “well my prophylactic mastectomy is August 6.” Just reality I suppose but that’s so soon! And it’s so real. Anyhow so it’s now all 4 docs in one week. Phew! Exhausted already just thinking about that week but will be good to get it all over with and get in the right mindset.

So yeah. Things are great. I feel mentally ready and with the appropriately named Insanity program kicking my butt, quickly getting physically ready. I actually RAN up the stairs today at work and it didn’t phase me… And it’s been a week and a half! Pretty impressive. Especially if you know those stupid stairs!!

Thanks for checking in and being along for the “chill” part of this journey. What I am anticipating to be the busiest month of the year at work starts next week (eek!) so I imagine updates will be scarce, but will pick up for sure in just one month.

Ending with the mottos from a fabulous event this weekend and words I always need to remember… “Collect moments, not things,” and “Dream big. Love life. Be positive.”