Good for the Soul

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First and foremost, Happy Mother’s Day to all! And especially my absolutely amazing Mom!

I just can’t stand having my last post the one that people see the first time they visit my blog. Because despite the inherent crappiness of this whole situation, it’s all been in an overwhelmingly positive light, and that’s how I want it to continue.

So much of the positivity is due to the people around me… I can’t reiterate how lucky I am. My brother and his girlfriend have been in town and I’ve had the blessing of being able to spend the whole long weekend with my whole immediate family together, and, as anticipated, it has been truly good for the soul. There’s just something about being around family that rejuvenates me. We’ve had fun all around town, and had an absolutely perfect Mother’s Day hanging around the pool… And I was crowned Domestic Diva! Haha. Dad and I did some epic baking.

On Saturday while the fam went to a museum, I went to my local
FORCE group meeting. I am so glad I took a leap of faith and went for the first time last November. I got to meet a few newly diagnosed women and it’s funny that I’m now one of ones with more experience in this crazy BRCA world. We watched the documentary “In the Family” which I watched way back when I first found out I was BRCA2+ but hadn’t seen since. I forgot it was such a tear jerker… But it was a great reminder of why I’m having this surgery. So I can look forward to many more weekends like this one. There is too much in life to look forward to! It’s so good to catch up with these ladies every couple of months… The “get it” factor is just so important!

Lastly I was literally left speechless this week. You all know I think highly if the Be Bright Pink foundation. Well I started a fundraising page to attend this year’s FabFest (more to come on that in the future… Suffice to say, SO excited) and had the money raised to attend the event in less than 12 hours. Again with how incredible my family and friends are. Like whoa. So thank you to all of you for being so supportive. You continue to amaze me daily.

Anyhow, a mostly non boob update for you! Coming up quick on the 80 day countdown mark. I’m starting Insanity on May 25 to seriously get my rear in shape for the surgery… Not being able to use chest muscles is daunting so gotta get this core ready to go! Kinda crazy to look at the calendar though… It’s a 9 week program and it will finish a week before my surgery. So not far away! Especially now that the “non-stop-ness” as I’ve dubbed it has officially begun! Another round of trips and a whole bunch of work busy-ness means time will be flying. Though I’m glad to hear other people agree that 2013 is a blur and it’s not just me!

Till next time… Have a great week!