Well that was “Fun”… but Worth It!!

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I’m drained, but… MRI and Ultrasound complete!!

It wasn’t even the actual tests that was draining – they really weren’t that bad, but my goodness the drama!  So my VP shunt was the issue before my breast MRI today… some shunts are metal but mine is not one of them.  I’ve known this since the day it was put in when they didn’t give me a “medical device” card because they said it wouldn’t affect anything, which is entirely true.  However, that’s not good enough for an MRI apparently.  And thus began the HOUR of attempting to get written documentation that I could have a freaking MRI without screwing up my shunt.  This was so frustrating because, while I haven’t had one myself since I had my shunt put in, I’ve gone to MRI at work countless times!  And they had CT scans where you could clearly see it’s not metal!  Thankfully the MRI tech was awesome and finally got in contact with my neurosurgeon’s office… since it was so long ago the records were difficult to get.  I was actually changed back into my regular clothes ready to go find medical records and reschedule when she finally got the approval… what a relief! I was so ready to have this behind me and waiting another MONTH was not what I was after.  Of course the actual MRI was painless and took maybe 15 minutes!  Basically you just lay with your boobs dangling and let the loud noises do their thing!

Then we headed over to another building for the ovarian ultrasound… really it was the best experience I could have asked for.  The tech was fantastic, it was quick, and while uncomfortable not at all like I remembered from years ago!  And with that it was headed back home… and hopefully not back to the medical center until JULY!  That’s awesomeness right there.

As I was writing this post I got a call from my breast surgeon’s office (what can I say? dudes are on it!!) and my MRI is 100% clean, no signs of malignancy! YAY!  Best news I could have asked for.  Not gonna lie when I saw the breast surgeon’s phone number pop up I had a moment of panic… not used to people being THAT on top of it… like results less than four hours later!  But yes, all GREAT news.  So I went ahead and scheduled my pre-op appointment with him so I’m all set from a surgery standpoint.  Oh and some people asked why I’m waiting till August and it’s purely a personal preference… the work I do is on an interesting yearly schedule, and it’s kind of (okay, really) crazy up through July, then slows down in August until mid-September when it starts again.  That leaves me a perfect amount of time to have the surgery and recover without any worries of missing anything.  So yeah… that’s the plan!

With that news I’m off to dinner with one of my favorite people… while celebrate might not be the exact right word, cheers to relief are in order!!

Thanks for checking in – have a wonderful rest of the week!