Second Boobiversary

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Well, it took me a bit to remember my password, but here I am, checking in as I celebrate my **second** Boobiversary. And truthfully? I just can’t process that. It’s just crazy!!!!!

I’ve been a stranger to this blog on the front, and at times contemplated shutting it down, but always end up hitting that “renew” button with the hope that some anxious young woman will happen upon it and leave feeling justthismuch better about what’s ahead of her. And then I found out last week my Must-Haves list is the first result when you search “mastectomy” on Pinterest. Say what?!?! That was pretty freaking cool to learn!

And so I stay here, present on the blogosphere, hoping that I’m serving a purpose. But admittedly, it is a huge relief being on this side.

How am I doing you ask? Pretty darn fantastic. As I reflect back over the past year since I last posted, it’s a little overwhelming to think of how many things have happened! In the last twelve months I gained a sister (in law), had a revision surgery, was in two dear friends’ weddings, moved, started grad school, and went to Europe, to hit the major points!

Healthwise, things are going well. Quick recap of the year: my CT and shunt check with my neurosurgeon in September went great – no problems since the shunt revision thank goodness! And I finally graduated to appointments more than 3 months apart with my neuro-ophthalmologist. Needless to say, I was on a short leash! I am beyond happy to have that unexpected ordeal behind me! My left implant continued to be moving around weird, so I had a quick surgery in November to exchange it for an entirely new implant (same shape/size/style just a new one) as well as another round of fat grafting. It was a pretty quick recovery in time for Thanksgiving! Ovarian cancer surveillance is status quo – my doctor is wonderful and everything checked out well.

I did have a scare in February with an inflamed lymph node in my armpit that was a result of having had surgery there. But I have to say how impressive (yet scary) it is how quickly I got in – I found the lump, called the Breast Center, and was having an ultrasound in less than two hours. Reassuring, yet intimidating to know that timing is because of my “high risk” label. We’ll continue to monitor it and I see my breast NP again next month. If anything, sitting in that radiology waiting room confirmed to me how much it was the right decision to have surgery – it’s physically nauseating to think about having to do that horrible waiting game every 6 months (or more).

I saw Dr. Teotia, my wonderful plastic surgeon, today of all days – it just worked out that my next appointment fell on my Boobiversary! Meant to be I suppose!  Everything looks great… Yay!! It was nice to “celebrate” today with someone so integral to my journey! And I take credit for introducing a new word to the nurse’s vocabulary! :)

So that’s where I’m at, 2 years down the road! Happy with my decision, happy with my results, and really just happy with life and grateful to be where I am and for all the people that helped me get here! It’s a wonderful feeling indeed.