Seven Weeks

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Time is FLYING. It’s really rather insane. Most days go by without thinking of my surgery much – I run into people I haven’t seen in awhile and they ask how I’m doing. I reply “great!” like I would any other time I’m asked. Not realizing they’re really asking, how are you –surgery you– doing. It seems like such a long time ago and things are so much back to normal that it’s really hard to believe it’s in the past. But it is. And that’s amazing. Such a huge relief!!

I’m doing so remarkably well overall I can’t get over it. My left expander is the only thing causing discomfort. Both are uncomfortable – I heard someone describe them feeling like you’ve had on a too tight underwire bra for 4 hours too long. That’s about right. Ladies can appreciate that. They’re oddly sorer in the morning, making me feel like an arthritic old lady when I get up! But that weird left expander has rotated even more, which pulls on my sternum. So I’m living in a sports bra 24/7 because that’s oddly more comfortable. I’m not going crazy (yet) but know I will be antsy to get these things out very soon!! The crevices where the expanders end is just weird looking. Especially laying down – pretty freaky. A good reminder that I did, in fact, have surgery!

The only thing I’m still not back to pre surgery with is lifting. It’s just uncomfortable and causes aching in my chest and back. So while the expanders are in I’m just taking it easy and taking people up on my offers for help. No reason to push it and be sore – plenty of time ahead of me to be stubborn!

I’m relieved that even though the expanders feel wildly foreign to me, there’s nothing obvious if you don’t know. It is awkward when a stranger (guy) accidentally elbows you in the boob and starts apologizing profusely and you ask why… Because you felt nothing. Yeah that happened.

Got an email that threw me for a loop – my consent forms for my next surgery! What?! Yes, they’re on top of it. But that also means it’s soon-ish!! The last 2 weeks of work are like the busiest of the whole year, and the kickoff to our busy season. So oddly enough, unlike how I was counting down to the other surgery ready to get it over with, I haven’t had much time to think about it. But simultaneously know it will be here in no time!

Anyhow, nothing too exciting to share at this point. And that’s such a relief!! But there’s a bunch of exciting stuff coming up that I can’t wait to share… Pinktober has a whole new meaning this year and it’s just around the corner! Get ready!!