Three Weeks Down!

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Hard to believe I was having surgery this time three weeks ago! Those weeks have FLOWN by! I’m so relieved to be doing as well as I am, and the first 24 hours back at my apartment have gone well! I still get tired more easily than I wish, but I’ve been pacing myself and have managed to get most things done that I’ve wanted to. Mainly unpacking and getting things back in order! This ended up being my biggest workout of the day:


Who knew putting away (particularly hanging up – thankfully there wasn’t much of that) laundry would be harder than driving? I sure didn’t see that one coming!

Figured I’d just touch base on the things from 2 weeks out, more than anything to keep track myself!

Incisions: Looking great! Last of the scabs were off this morning, so that’s awesome – glad they’re all closed. Drain sites are healing well, and bruising is all gone except for one small spot close to my sternum. Still so pleased and impressed!

Phantom itching: Still happens occasionally, but I’ve gotten used to it already. Equally as weird is the concept of “foob freeze” – like “brain freeze” with cold liquids. I can often feel drinks move all the way down. SO strange!

Nerves: The regeneration pains are definitely improving. We finally put together what was causing the worst of it – I noticed there was one place on my left, close to my incision, that would cause searing pain in my back when I touched it. Come to find out my moving left expander was hitting a nerve. The tight sports bras are helping this, and the weird expander situation, entirely. It’s actually more comfortable to be one that not, so other than showering the girls are being squeezed 24/7.

Muscle spasms: Gone! What a huge relief! The drains were definitely triggering these, and now that they’re gone, I don’t have them anymore which ROCKS!

Size: They’re definitely bigger! It’s funny to look down, or walk into things (yeah… graceful I am), as I’m getting used to the new size. And then by the time it’s natural, they’ll be growing again. The other big fill (which is still a relative term) is next Thursday – promises to be interesting!

Sleep: Still a struggle, but improving. I actually slept the best that I have in the past 3 weeks back in my own bed last night. A throne of pillows helps immensely, and I’m coming to terms with the fact that this is just part of having the expanders. Thankfully, a temporary thing! I can’t wait to be able to sleep on my stomach again! Or to be able to turn on my side more than ONE exact way without having expander jabbing in my sternum! But yes, totally functional now, but I did have to laugh when my roommate asked me around 7:45 this morning why I was up… yeah, sleeping in would be nice. But not happening!

Stir crazy: Definitely gone! Now that I can get out a little bit, it’s been a big help. Even if it’s just to doctor’s appointments, like today. Just working on getting things back in order and back to real life!

Work: Hoping to return super soon! Just waiting on all the official logistical stuff. Will plan on taking it really easy the first few days, and slowly get back into things before the middle of next month when things really pick up.

So that’s the latest. Still processing that it’s over, and trying to mentally gear up for the next few months, especially the exchange surgery! Can’t wait to have a date to start counting down to… looking like I may get new boobs for Christmas this year! Or at least in the Christmas season. Can’t wait for that!!