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Today was a day of “firsts” post mastectomy, and I wouldn’t do the day justice without documenting it so… Here goes!

Suffice to say, I drastically underestimated the “power of the drains.” While they really didn’t seem to be bothering me – they didn’t itch, pull, or nag me like I’ve heard from so many others – having them out the last 24+ hours has been the proverbial “corner” I’ve been waiting to turn. I feel So. Much. Better!!!

I think I can attribute it to the space the drains were taking up, but my level of discomfort is drastically reduced. And the feeling of freedom is like I could take over the world!

With a little bit of déjà vu from my 16th birthday, I was able to drive by myself today!! To a much-needed massage and then to Target (my happy place!) Actually I was on a desperate hunt to find a sports bra that would keep my wonky left expander in place. I was successful and WOW what a difference that makes! I think that expander sliding across my pec muscle is what was responsible for so much of the last week’s discomfort, combined with the drains. Driving will be much improved now! It wasn’t horrible, and was actually better than I anticipated, but I could feel every little bump. But again with the realization of how much we take our pec muscles for granted!!

And then another huge “first” post-op… Getting ready and putting on real clothes and makeup! We had so much to celebrate tonight – my amazing parent’s 37th anniversary, my aunt being in town, and my recovery! After a wonderful dinner at Capital Grille, my Mom said it best – “life is good!”

I got a call from my breast surgeon’s office today and they bumped up my post-op appointment to Monday, which is great. I’m hoping to return to work soon so that will be perfect… And I’m now planning on moving back to my apartment after that. It still takes me a minute, after all the planning of the last six months, to realize it’s over! Such a relief.

So all in all, a wonderful day! I don’t take my quick recovery for granted for a minute, and know I wouldn’t be here without you… My amazing family and friends! I’m forever indebted and so very grateful to be where I’m at, just 17 days after surgery.