Why Hello There, Reality!

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Today was such a Monday. Such a Monday after a holiday. Such a Monday after a week of vacation. And even more so, the last real break before the big day. And an amazing, wonderful, went-too-fast family vacation at that. All the sudden July is here (so here!) and things are real.

Real like talking with my parents on the plane last night about the details and logistics of when they’ll pick me up, where I’ll leave my car. Real like getting an email that my application for FMLA was approved (for 6 weeks… Fingers crossed I only need half of that!) Real like working with my amazing friends to plan my Boob Voyage Party. Just… Real.

And I’m not the only one! The text I got in response from one of my oldest and closest friends about the party: “Omg I literally just started crying a little bit. Definitely not the reaction I expected, just reading it made it so stinking real!!!!”

Trying to think so far in advance with work and have everything together is quite the task. The reality is there’s this week and next week… The following involves 4 trips to doctors in one week. The following a big work conference (that I’m super stoked for… Couldn’t ask for a better immediately before distraction!) then a day to party and a day for pre-op. Like whoa. Will redefine “fly by!”

Anyhow, reality? It’s here. I get asked daily how I feel about everything and I have no reservations in my answer that at this point, I’m so ready for it to be over. To cross “to the other side” as fellow previvors say.

So some work craziness awaits, then a slew of doctors, then some good distraction, and then a party that promises to be memorable and amazing if I know anything about the hosts! (I mean, there are gonna be boobcakes! And no, not a joke…) I am so grateful for my incredible family and friends… They never cease to amaze me. I am so very grateful for each and every one of them. So if you are one of them and not on fancy Facebook, I want you to know you are invited to join the celebration – text me for details!

Oh and THEN… There’s that surgery thing. And then a Gilmore Girls, Friends, and Breaking Bad marathon. Oh and famous enchiladas. Can’t forget those! :)

As always, glad to have you along for the ride… Here we gooooo!!!