Getting Real

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So things are definitely getting more real every day now as time flies by. Every possible way to mark 2 months out (day, date, 60 days) has passed. Preop is in just over a month. Wow.

I filled out all the paperwork for FMLA today… Very curious to see how long I’ll actually end up needing off. Back in February my surgeon said I’d be bored by the end of 2 weeks so I took that and ran with it… Then when I talked to his nurse today she said plan on more like 4-6 weeks. As a wise friend said, there’s a big difference between “bored” and “ready.” Definitely will be bored!! I’m relieved that half days, etc, are an option and that I work with such incredible and understanding people. But 4-6 weeks is a LONG time!! Needless to say will definitely play it by ear. Certainly don’t want to rush things and regret it, but patience has never been my strong suit!

Not much other news to report… Work is keeping me busy and nicely distracted. My sweatpants and zip up jackets collection is expanding well. Boob Voyage party is being planned. Insanity is still a butt kicking but good. Think I’m getting readier as it gets real-er!