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Just a quick update to get it documented… Had my repeat CA-125 drawn on Tuesday and it came back a lovely 31.2! With normal being <35 I'm a happy camper! Perhaps now I’m done with doctors appointments until July!

Sitting in that cancer center waiting room is just agonizing… It’s a good dose of reality to reiterate that I’m definitely making the right decision. So much pain and suffering, and I can’t help but think that most of those patients would do anything to be in my position and preempt all of that.

Will be honest though… My medical center actually utilizes Epic as intended and the MyChart app is pretty fantastic. It popped up Monday with an appointment reminder to get my labs drawn, but for the first time also on that list of upcoming dates was “August 6: Surgery.” Since I wasn’t expecting it to be on there yet it kind of caught me off guard! It’s official now! Just about 4 months away… I know I sound like a broken record, but even though that sounds far away the way time is flying it’s nothing! Craziness. But I’m ready!