On Ovaries 2.0

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So I got a call this evening from my GYN-Onc’s nurse (who is equally as awesome as my doc for what it’s worth) about my test results that I talked about in my last post.

I had kind of figured the abnormalities were no big deal since I hadn’t heard from them in a few weeks and they know I’m a nurse and unlikely to freak out. Well, come to find out, I guess they are a little concerned. I was relieved to hear that they actually got to the same conclusion as me – that my shunt is causing peritoneal irritation which is in turn causing the lab elevation. But, in order to prove that it is, in fact, my baseline, I’m having another CA-125 drawn next week, six weeks after the original (yeah let’s talk about that… Six weeks?! When did that happen?! Seems like that was just yesterday… But at the same time forever ago!)

I’m not worried but glad she’s being cautionary. So one more trip to the medical center… I knew none till July was too good to be true! But it will be nice to confirm everything is okay.

I’ve been absent on blogging I know… Lets see I had lunch with Amy last weekend which was great as always. Her surgery went beautifully which is so encouraging to see. Also, I was so excited to learn that the teardrop-shaped “gummy bear” implants I want as my permanent ones were finally approved in the size I’ll need! I had moments of dread that I would be perpetually waiting for them. They’re the ones my plastic surgeon undoubtedly prefers (the shape is SO much more natural) but they were only approved in smaller sizes when I saw him. I realize that the exchange surgery is wayyy down the line, but it’s exciting nonetheless!

Life has been crazy busy… Lots of trips keeping things flying by! Got a couple more than a bit of a lull before they pick up again and then hey! It will be July
which I’m sure will fly by. Can’t believe the surgery countdown is already down to 130-something days!

Anyhow, I’ll update hopefully with the “all clear” after next week, but that’s the latest!